SCORE TOT workshop on 'How to conduct enterprise visit' and 'Baseline assessment' as per ILO SCORE guidelines

A TOT workshop will be organised on May 7, 9 and 10 (as per the detailed agenda) for the participants of TOT workshop for Module 1 (held in March 22-24 and May 5-6). The purpose of the TOT is to provide a combination of class-room training and on-site coaching on how to conduct enterprise visit and baseline assessment in enterprises as per SCORE methodology.

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is an ILO global programme that aims at improving the productivity and competitiveness of Small and Medium sized Enterprises by way of developing workplace cooperation between management and labour on issues such as:
q Quality

q Productivity and cleaner production

q Human Resource Management

q Occupational Health and Safety

The programme targets clusters of SMEs with 50-250 employees. The training strategy combines in-class training of workers and managers with on-site enterprise upgradation coaching by SCORE trainers. SCORE training is delivered through local institutions and trainers. A key outcome of the SCORE project is to support the capacity development of these local institutions.

In India, SCORE will operate in the auto components manufacturing sector in Faridabad and two other clusters, which are yet to be finalised. A group of trainers and local institutions will be selected in India for training and development as SCORE trainers. The SCORE certified trainers will deliver class-room SCORE training to enterprises and also provide on-site field training.
Following the Class-room training on Module 1 (workplace cooperation), SCORE trainers are provided orientation through this workshop on how to conduct enterprise visit and baseline assessment. Baseline information on each participating enterprise is a must before a SCORE trainer delivers Module 1 training to the participating enterprise.