"Promoting Decent Work for Domestic Workers" - Meeting with UN Youth Champion Ms. Monique Coleman

To bring in focus the issue of young migrant live-in domestic workers and the challenges faced by part and full-time urban domestic workers, 90% of whom are women. Glimpses of some initiatives being taken to improve their lives, employability and conditions of work.

UN Youth Champion, Monique Coleman met with young domestic workers at the ILO Office, New Delhi on 8 April 2011. Welcoming the guests Ms. Tine Staermose, Director, ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India expressed the hope that “each one of us will take back some thoughts and ideas towards caring for the ones who care for us!” Emphasizing their contribution to the growth of Indian economy, the UN Resident Coordinator, Patrice Couer-Bizot said that it is important for domestic workers to know their rights and they “also need to grow”.

The two hour interaction gave Ms. Coleman an insight into the lives of domestic workers, their hopes, fears and aspirations. She inspired the domestic workers to continue to dream, harness their limitless potential and create new stories of success. A documentary titled, “DELHI BOUND FOR WORK” and a street play on the plight of domestic workers were highlights of the event. Ms. Coleman showed keen interest in the photos of domestic workers on display.

Ms. Coleman, who has been appointed UN Youth Champion to promote International Year of Youth, visited India as part of a world tour, where she seeks to raise awareness of the challenges facing young people, highlight the positive contributions they make to their communities, and promote the UN’s global observance of the International Year of Youth.