Social Protection Floor and Global Jobs Pact : Knowledge Sharing Workshop for Employers' Organizations in India

The knowledge-sharing workshiop was aimed at sharing the knowledge on the elements of the Social Protection Floor Initiative and the Global Jobs Pact with the employers organizations in India. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Employers' Federation of India, Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

A two-day workshop aimed at sharing the knowledge with the Employers' Organizations in India on Social Protection Floor and Global Jobs Pact was organized on 4-5 May 2011 at Pune (Maharashtra).

The main objectives of the workshop were: To share the knowledge with the Employers’ Organizations on the concept of Social Protection Floor and Global Jobs Pact to enable them actively participate in any future discussions at the national level in implementation of SPF and Global Jobs Pact. - To share experiences on social protection in South Africa and Brazil. - To share the existing policies/programmes of the Government on social security - To provide a forum for discussing the role of Employers’ Organizations in promoting the Global Jobs Pact and Social Protection Floor building upon the existing policies/programmes - Identify specific areas for ILO’s assistance to the Employers Organizations for their active participation in the future dialogues on building a social protection floor and promotion of Global Jobs Pact.

About 20 participants representing various employers organizations across the country participated in the two-day workshop. While Mr. Markus Ruck, Senior Specialist on Social Security made technical presentations on the Social Protection Floor Conceptual and Policy Background, the concept and scope of the Social Protection Floor and country experiences in India, South Africa and Brazil; Mr. Gotabaya Dasanayaka, Senior Specialist on Employers' Activities made a technical presentation on the Global Jobs Pact (The agenda of the workshop is attached). Mr. Dasanayaka also highlighted aspects that needed to be considered by the Employers in relation to the SPF in the context of it having to be country specific. The possibility of viewing the SPF approach in the overall context of the national labour regulatory environment to facilitate a "Flexicurity" approach was also highlighted.

The participants at the workshop actively participated in the discussions following every presentation.

As conclusion of the workshop, the participants were supportive of the concept of the SPF and unanimously agreed to the establishment of a national tripartite Task Force to prepare a country specific approach to the Social Protection Floor with due consideration to the issues of affordability, sustainability and funding. The TOR for such a task force could also include possible advisory inputs into the implementation of national flagship programmes (for example MNREGP and RSBY.