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    Trends in wages and earning in India: Increasing wage differentials in a segmented labour market

    20 August 2008

    The study is an attempt to explore the levels of and trends in variations in wage payments across different segments of the labour market in India.

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    The Indian labour market: An overview

    20 August 2008

    The present study analyses the labour market situation in India over the last two decades. Given the growth profile, which has been quite robust in recent years, one pertinent question is whether India has experienced pro-poor growth.

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    Trade liberalization, employment, labour productivity, and real wages : a study of the organized manufacturing industry in India in the 1980s and 1990s

    20 August 2008

    This paper studies the trends in labour productivity and real wages in the organized manufacturing industry in India during 1980s and 1990s. It seeks to document and analyse the changes in productivity levels, employment, and wage levels with the advent of trade liberalization in the Indian economy.

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    Labour market institutions in India: Their impact on growth and employment

    20 August 2008

    This paper examines the impact of labour regulations on employment and output growth. It reviews the evidence from past research on the subject in India, and draws lessons on the relationships between institutions, regulations and employment.

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    Through the magnifying glass: Women's work and labour force participation in urban Delhi

    20 August 2008

    This paper is an attempt to explore the level and nature of female workforce participation in urban Delhi and the factors that are critical in determining it.

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    Employment and poverty in rural India: Which way to go?

    20 August 2008

    This paper analyses the incidence of poverty in India both in the pre and post reform period and delves into the profile of poverty spread and examines the state level effectiveness of poverty alleviation programmes.

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    Managing international labour migration from India: policies and perspectives

    20 August 2008

    The paper addresses issues related to the promotion and sustenance of international labour migration from India on the one hand and protection of migrant workers on the other.

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    Trends and patterns of labour supply and unemployment in India

    20 August 2008

    This paper brings to light some important aspects and intrinsic characteristics of labour supply in India. It examines factors such as increase in the share of working age population and the changing character of female labour participation.

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    Employment challenge and strategies in India

    20 August 2008

    The present paper looks at the employment challenges faced by India within the framework of “ten core elements” identified by the Global Employment Agenda of the ILO. These elements relate to trade and investment, technological change, sustainable livelihoods, macro policy, entrepreneurship development, skills development, active labour market policies, social protection, conditions of work and poverty reduction.

  10. Event

    Master Trainers Training Programme on HIV & AIDS for Trade Unions under the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) Project

    The training aims to prepare the Indian affiliates of the global trade union in the mining, chemical and cement sectors for an HIV and AIDS project