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  1. Event

    Seminar on Comparative Systems for Labour Law Enforcement and Training Programme for Labour Officers and Labour/Factory Inspectors

  2. Publication

    Informal employment in Sri Lanka: Nature, probability of employment, and determinants of wages

    15 October 2008

    A discussion paper on informal employment situation and wages in Sri Lanka.

  3. Project

    Converging Against Child Labour: Support for India’s Model

    30 September 2008

    The project aims at supporting constituents to strengthen an enabling environment and establish convergence-based models for the prevention and elimination of child labour. The project action is mainly at the district level, with work on policy, knowledge enhancement and dissemination, and replication at the state and national levels.

  4. Publication

    Project of Support to the National Time Bound Programme on the Worst Forms of Child Labour Pakistan- Final Evaluation (2008)

    28 September 2008

    This final expanded evaluation of the project was undertaken following a mid-term project evaluation, and it includes specific impact studies to provide an indication of results on ground, as well as focusing on broader and longer term changes for direct beneficiaries and with regard to the policy environment.

  5. Event

    Tripartite discussion on the Current Status and Evolution of Industrial Relations in Maharashtra

  6. Publication

    Labour market institutions in India: Their impact on growth and employment

    25 September 2008

    This paper examines the impact of labour regulations on employment and output growth. It reviews the evidence from past research on the subject in India, and draws lessons on the relationships between institutions, regulations and employment.

  7. Publication

    Through the magnifying glass: Women's work and labour force participation in urban Delhi

    25 September 2008

    TThis paper is an attempt to explore the level and nature of female workforce participation in urban Delhi and the factors that are critical in determining it. Since the majority of Delhi's population is urban, a household survey was carried out in this city during a three-month period to study the nature of female work participation in an urban context.

  8. Event

    ILO/Ministry of Labour and Employment - Second National Technical Consultation on Employment Policy for India

  9. Publication

    Growth and employment in the era of globalization: Some lessons from the Indian experience

    20 August 2008

    The paper provides a political economy critique to the current development paradigm that India is following and argues for an alternative model which has employment at the centre.

  10. Publication

    Evolution of global production systems and their impact on employment in India

    20 August 2008

    The paper aims to study the effect of emergence of global production systems in developing countries and their effects on domestic labour markets from an Indian perspective.