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  1. Project

    ILO-INTUC Pilot Project on “Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Organizing, Skills Upgradation and Advocacy

    01 May 2009

    A demonstration programme for improving the working and living conditions of domestic workers on a sustainable basis, as well as enhancing capacities in project areas through organizing, skill upgradation and training and advocacy; and to strengthen the capacities of implementing partner unions by organizing unorganized domestic workers as well as networking with various stakeholders.

  2. Event

    Skills Development for Domestic Workers

    To discuss and review the first draft of the Trainers Guide/Manual for implementation Level 1 domestic help training programme.

  3. Event

    ILO/AIOE/MoLE Meeting on Promoting Skills at the Workplace

    To discuss issues related to skills development at workplace.

  4. Event

    Experts Group Meeting on Financial Crisis

    To look at the social dimensions of the economic crisis; steps taken and further steps which can be taken to address the social dimensions; and jointly identify areas for possible action by the ILO and partners.

  5. Event

    ACTRAV/ILO Headquarters Conference on Global Labour University on "Finalization of Capital-Deterioration of Working Conditions"

    To analyse the impact of the global financial crisis and look at alternatives on the global financial system.

  6. Event

    Knowledge sharing workshop on debt bondage in India

    A joint meeting between stakeholders to join forces, share knowledge, work together more coherently, and to stimulate complementary action from and between different actors now seems to be a logic next step to determine the way forward in fighting debt bondage.

  7. Project

    Subregional Programme on Quality and Decent Work Promotion for Women in South Asia through Prevention of Human Trafficking, Skills Development of Domestic Workers and Gender Capacity Building

    01 January 2009

    To prevent labour exploitation and crimes of human trafficking through a rights-based approach; to eliminate abuse and promote decent work for this largely female, uneducated and disadvantaged labour force; and to contribute to the establishment of effective equal employment opportunity mechanisms between ILO constituents and women’s machineries to provide decent work to women and their families in poverty.

  8. Project

    Green Jobs in India

    01 January 2009

    Demonstrates the use of renewable energy as a viable approach and a policy instrument for clean local development and poverty reduction through the creation of direct green jobs and of induced decent work opportunities in small enterprises.


  1. Event

    National Stakeholders Consultation on HIV and AIDS and the Construction Sector

    As part of the joint UN project "Preparatory Assistance for Development of a Programme on Safe Mobility and HIV", ILO organized this Consultation in New Delhi.

  2. Event

    Skill Building Workshop on HIV & AIDS Workplace Intervention for State AIDS Control Society /Technical Support Units

    The workshop will focus on workplace policy and programmes, advocacy for workplace intervention, and mainstreaming HIV and AIDS issue in state departments