1. ILO India Response to COVID-19 - Second Edition

    03 July 2020

    This second update covers the key response of office to COVID-19 pandemic between May- June 2020.

  2. ILO India Response to COVID-19

    03 June 2020

    ILO DWT South Asia and India with its technical expertise has been able to act as a guiding force in COVID-19 response planning and implementation for constituents. This update covers the key response of office to COVID-19 pandemic between 15 March to 15 May, 2020.


  1. The Future of Work: Trade Unions in Transformation

    29 November 2019

    It has become harder for trade unions in both developed and emerging countries to protect the rights of workers and working conditions, as shown not only in the reduction of unionization, but also the fall in the labour share of income in most countries.This issue of the Journal compiles the thoughts of leading academics on the topics that are shaping discussions on the future of work. The Journal aims to serve as a stepping stone for the labour movement in its own deliberations on how workers’organizations can react to the fundamental changes that are affecting the world of work, and that it will provide further reflections on the transformation of trade unions these changes might entail.


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  2. eNews@ILO India

    15 November 2017

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    16 October 2017

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    16 August 2017

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  5. India Labour Market Update, July 2017

    09 August 2017

    Provides a snapshot of recent labour market trends in India.

  6. eNews@ILO India

    14 July 2017

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    15 June 2017

    Read our special issue of the monthly e-newsletter focussed on the topic of child labour. Read updates on India’s historic ratification of the ILO core conventions on child labour, a comment from the director’s desk, video messages, a fact sheet and more.