Photo contest - Promoting Decent Work for Domestic Workers

The contest is a part of ongoing public campaign titled "Your Work is Important" to spread awareness amongst the public, youth, employers, trade unions and domestic worker about the significance of paid domestic work and to protect and promote the rights of the domestic workers. Call for entries for the Photo Contest on Promoting Decent Work for Domestic Workers.

“Your Work Is Important”

The ILO is organizing a Photo Competition under the campaign theme ‘Your Work Is Important’, to protect and promote the rights of the domestic workers as ‘workers’ and to make their work more ‘visible’ to the society.

Why Domestic Workers:

She was there when you were a small child. She is still here, cleaning your home, washing your clothes, cooking food for you when you are all grown up. He was there to help you reach the school, when you were small, and he is still there, taking care of the odd errands that you assign him.

Did you ever notice them? Where do they live? Who all are their in their family? How do they live? Why do they work? Are their families happy? Do their children or siblings go to school because they work? Can their old parents afford the medical expenses now?

Have they made any contribution in your lives or the lives of your family members? How important is their work for you? Has the quality of your life changed because of them and vice versa? More importantly, have they brought a smile on your face? Have you brought a change in their lives?

We invite you to click photographs that capture

  • The dignity of work of the domestic workers and their lives.
  • The enthralling, enlightening, edifying moments about the domestic workers and the work they do.
  • The indiscernible and hidden moments that provides insights into their lives at work and at home.
  • The invisible bond that exist and is symbolic of the symbiotic relationship between an employer and an employee.

Please read the Terms and conditions before submitting the photographs.

Contest Dates: Due to popular demand, the last date for submission of entries has been extended to October 31, 2010.