Working with Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE)

V. V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI)

V.V. Giri National Labour Insititute (VVGNLI), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Labour & Employment (MOLE), is a premier national institution involved with research, training, education, publication and consultancy on labour related issues. An HIV/AIDS Cell has been set up at the VVGNLI and training modules /materials have been developed for labour administrators, trade unions. The Institute covered 13738 participants (10990 men, 2748 women) through integration of HIV education in its trainings.

Central Board of Worker's Education (CBWE)

CBWE is an institution of the MOLE, Government of India. CBWE with its head quarter at Nagpur, four Zonal Directorates, 50 Regional Directorates and 10 Sub-Regional Directorates cover the length and breadth of India. Central Board for Workers Education (CBWE) has an annual reach of 300,000 workers, 70% of whom are in the informal economy. All 263 Education Officers of CBWE were trained on HIV/AIDS by ILO and training and communication materials were developed. As a result, CBWE reached 1816712 workers: 417985 in formal economy and 1398727 in the informal economy. In addition to integration of HIV in regular programmes of CBWE, ILO supported CBWE in imitating four pilot interventions in selected blocks to cover workers in the informal economy. The strategy involved engagement of Rural Volunteers (RVs), who were trained as Peer Educators and worked under the guidance of Education Officers of CBWE. Around 7500 informal sector workers were reached through these interventions which included 1,500 tribal workers in Sehore, Bhopal; 2,000 handicrafts & construction workers in Mehrauli, Delhi; 2,500 agriculture/ fishing community workers in Ariyankuppam, Pondicherry; and 1,500 agriculture/ forest workers in Kudu, Ranchi.

The project has developed a A Resource Manual on HIV/aids for training of education Officers of the Central Board for Workers Education

For copies of the resource manual please email to Ms Divya Verma or Ms Seena Chatterjee.