Resources on child labour

December 2003

  1. BANGLADESH:Report on the working children in metropolitan cities of Bangladesh (Establishment based child labour survey) (2002-03)

    A report on the working children in metropolitan cities in Bangladesh based on the findings of the Establishment-based Child Labour Survey (ECLS) 2002-03 conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

November 2003

  1. BANGLADESH: Baseline Survey on Child Labour in Welding Establishments (2002-03)

    A baseline Survey on child workers in welding establishments to estimate the incidence and distribution of this target group at the national level.

May 2003

  1. Preventing and Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Selected Formal and Informal Sectors in Bangladesh- Mid Term Evaluation (2003)

    This report is the result of a final evaluation to review the project’s approach, strategy and implementation, to assess the extent to which the project objectives were met and the impact on target groups.

January 2003

  1. INDO-USDOL Child Labour Project for Preventing and Eliminating Child Labour in Identified Hazardous Sector

    The INDUS Child Labour Project is a Technical Cooperation Project of the Government of India (GOI), Ministry of Labour and Employment and Directorate of Education, and the United States Department of Labour (USDOL), within the framework of a Joint Statement of Enhanced Indo-US Co-operation on Elimination of Child Labour.

July 2002

  1. South Asia Subregional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA)- Final Project Evaluation (2002)

    The ILO-IPEC South-Asian Sub regional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA) was launched in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka in February 2000.

June 2002

  1. NEPAL: Child Labour in the Nepalese Carpet Sector: A Rapid Assessment (2002)

    An assessment to explore the relationship between child labour and the Nepalese carpet industries.

  2. Creating a healing environment - Volume II: Technical Papers

    Papers presented at the ILO-IPEC South Asian Technical Seminar on Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and Occupational Integration of Child Survivors of Trafficking and Other Worst Forms of Child Labour, 11-14 June 2002, Kathmandu, Nepal

April 2002

  1. NEPAL: Specialized Training Manual on Psychosocial Counselling for Trafficked Youth (2002)

    A training manual on psychosocial counselling for trafficked youth developed by the Center for Victims and Torture (CVICT) in Kathmandu. This manual was offered to social workers and counsellors who help the children in rehabilitation centres in South Asia as part of the Trafficking in Children South Asia Project (TICSA) project of the ILO’s International Programme on the elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).

October 1999

  1. Elimination of Child Labour in the Soccer Ball Industry in Sialkot, Pakistan

    The project started in October 1997 and its 1st phase came to an end in October 1999. This is an evaluation report of Phase I of the project.

  2. Sri Lanka: Child activity survey: Sri Lanka (1999)

    A report on child labour activity in Sri Lanka in 1999 based on the Household Based Survey Module on Child Labour.