Support GSP+ beneficiary countries to effectively implement ILS and comply with reporting obligations

Being a beneficiary of the EU GSP+ preferential tariff scheme, Armenia has committed to put into action 27 core international conventions on human and labour rights, environmental protection and good governance, including the eight ILO Core Conventions. The Project Support GSP+ beneficiary countries to effectively implement ILS and comply with reporting obligations is supporting Armenia in the promotion and application of ILO fundamental Conventions, and in addressing the comments made by the ILO supervisory bodies on the application of these fundamental Conventions, particularly of the Labour Inspection Convention, 1947 (No.81).

The Project started in the setting of Inspection Reforms launched in 2009 with the aim to optimize the Inspection System in Armenia. The reform has led to the reduction of the number of State Inspectorates from 18 to 6. The State Labour Inspectorate was reorganized into a department within the Health Inspection Body under the Ministry of Health. An Assessment of the LI system conducted in Sep-Oct 2017 in the framework of the Project found that there was no longer state control and supervision over the application of labour legislation.

The Project continued raising the awareness of high-level authorities on such critical issues as the lack of the state control over labour rights and country's incompliance with international commitments, particularly Convention 81 ratified by Armenia in 2004. The Project particularly focused on consulting the state authorities about the role and mandate of LI as an essential Labour Administration institution.
In March 2018, the status of the Inspection Body was raised and the name of the ''Health Inspection Body'' was changed to ''Health and Labour Inspection Body'' underlining the mandate of the inspection body with regards to the labour issues. The Inspection Services Coordination Office was established under the Office of the Prime Minister.

Following the shift of Armenia’s governmental system from semi-presidential to parliamentary and the formation of a new Government in May 2018, the Project initiated a number of discussions with the new authorities in charge of the LI system in the country, with a view to develop an effective model of LI system for Armenia and ensure the country’s compliance with Convention No. 81 and the comments of the  ILO Committee of Experts.

Since then a mandate has been granted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to work on developing the Strategy for improving the legal and institutional framework of the LI system, with the technical support of the ILO. As a preparatory measure, expert support was offered to the Ministry in preparation of a Correspondence Table of the current legal and institutional framework of the LI system in Armenia in relation to the provisions of ILO Convention 81, as well as the Institutional Mapping of the Health and Labour Inspection Body and (possible) related institutions.

Further Project intervention will include technical support to the ILO constituents 1) to develop a strategy on enhancing capacity of the labour inspection system for better compliance at the workplace, and 2) to improve their capacity to contribute to the process through social dialogue.