News room

March 2004

  1. New Forced Labour in Russia

    04 March 2004

February 2004

  1. New ILO Report "A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All"

    24 February 2004

  2. Labour Force Survey in Azerbaijan

    18 February 2004

    During the period from 7 May to 6 June 2003 the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan conducted a household-based survey of the economic activity of the population.

  3. Good Start for Implementing the New Law on Social Dialogue

    13 February 2004

    Trade unions’ and employers’ representatives met on 13-14 February at Issyk Kul, Kyrgyz Republic, to discuss how the new Law on Social Dialogue could be filled with life. In Kyrgyzstan the year 2004 has been declared a Year for Social Mobilization and Responsible Management.

  4. Russia Model to Assess Socio-economic Consequences of HIV/AIDS Spread

    10 February 2004

    In recent years, the Russian Federation has experienced an exceptionally steep rise in reported HIV infections.

  5. International Cooperative Alliance, ILO Sign Partnership Agreement

    10 February 2004

  6. New ILO Study “Investing in Every Child”

    09 February 2004

    New ILO Study Says economic benefits of eliminating child labour will vastly outweigh costs

January 2004

  1. Global Employment Trends 2004

    22 January 2004

    Global unemoloyment remains at record levels in 2003 but annual ILO jobs report sees signs of recovery

December 2003

  1. New ILO-Moscow Publications

    23 December 2003

  2. International Migrants Day

    18 December 2003