News room

June 2004

  1. 92nd Annual Conference of the ILO concludes its work

    17 June 2004

    The 92nd annual Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) concluded its work today following an extensive and constructive debate on the social dimension of globalization, as well as the adoption of a new plan of action designed to provide a fair deal for the world’s migrant workers.

  2. World Day Against Child Labour

    12 June 2004

    The roots of Child Labour in Russia are in the family situation. In Russia, the phenomenon of Child Labour is relatively recent.

  3. ILO releases 93 country survey on labour migration

    04 June 2004

  4. Child Labour Conference in Arkhangelsk

    02 June 2004

    “What is it that is bad about child labour?” was the most frequently asked question during the conference and interviews in Arkhangelsk.

May 2004


    28 May 2004

  2. New ILO Report "Towards a fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy"

    21 May 2004

  3. Self-improvement of working conditions in agriculture and informal sector – adaptation of the ILO WIND programme

    21 May 2004

    The ILO has started a project to adapt the WIND manual for use in Central Asia jointly with agricultural specialists and social partners in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation.

  4. New ILO Report "Organizing for Social Justice"

    20 May 2004

  5. The Statе Duma recommends to ratify the ILO Private Employment Agencies Convention No. 181.

    17 May 2004

  6. A meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Oссupational Safety and Health

    14 May 2004