News room

October 2005

  1. Tver hosts forum on role of business in social sphere

    12 October 2005

    On October 11-12 Tver hosted a seminar entitled Development of Social Partnership in Russian Regions. The role of business in social reforms was the focal theme on the agenda. The International Labour Organization and the Coordinating Council of Employers’ Unions of Russia were the seminar’s organizers.

  2. International Year of Microcredit 2005

    01 October 2005

    In 1998, the UN General Assembly declared 2005 the International Year of Microcredit in recognition of microcredit’s contribution to poverty reduction, towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

September 2005

  1. Yevgeny Semenenko was appointed Labour and Social Protection Minister of Kyrgyzstan

    30 September 2005

    On September 30, 2005 Yevgeny Semenenko was appointed by President’s Decree Labour and Social Protection Minister of Kyrgyzstan.

July 2005

  1. Child labour still acute problem for Kyrgyzstan

    30 July 2005

    The first meeting of the Coordinating Council on Child Labour in Kyrgyzstan was held on July 30. It was chaired by Acting Deputy Prime Minister Ishenkul Boldzhurova.

June 2005

  1. Visit to Armenia by Friedrich Buttler, Director of the ILO Regional Bureau for Europe and Central Asia.

    30 June 2005

    An office of an ILO National Correspondent will be opened in Armenia, director of the ILO Regional Bureau for Europe and Central Asia Friedrich Buttler said during his official visit to the Republic from June 27 to June 30.

May 2005

  1. 93rd International Labour Conference opens annual session. Working conditions, forced labour, youth employment on the agenda

    30 May 2005

    Some 4,000 worker, employer and government representatives from around the world gather here beginning 31 May for the annual conference of the 178-member International Labour Organization (ILO) to discuss issues ranging from forced labour and working hours to work in the fishing industry, occupational safety and health and youth employment.

April 2005

  1. Gender Aspects of Poverty and Income Policy - Conference in St. Petersburg

    08 April 2005

    The ILO Sub-Regional Office in Moscow jointly with the Nordic Council of Ministers convened an International Conference “Poverty and Income Policy in the North West Federal Okrug of the Russian Federation – Gender Aspects” which took place in St-Petersburg (New Raivola), 7-8 April 2005.

  2. ILO/USDOL HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme in the Moscow Region

    07 April 2005

    The first meeting of the Moscow region Project Advisory Board of the HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme was held today at the Moscow Region Administration premises.

January 2005

  1. ILO Calls for integrated employment strategy for Tsunami reconstruction Says estimated 1 million people lost livelihood

    19 January 2005

November 2004

  1. HIV/AIDS workplace education programme launched in Murmansk

    30 November 2004