Leadership and management training for ILO staff in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Director, specialists and programme officer of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia gathered to undertake leadership and management training in the context of multiple crises. The exercise served to enhance skills for effective teamwork and use of technologies that enable multi-stakeholder collaboration from various locations.

News | 28 March 2024
26-27 March 2024, BUDAPEST - The training, facilitated by the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO), has equipped the ILO team with management skills and IT tools to deliver on the ILO mandate, promoting decent work for all and advancing social justice.

Team members experimented with immersive remote collaboration applications in Virtual Reality
Socio-economic conditions rapidly change while underlying challenges such as informality and gender gaps in labour participation persist; so are needs of ILO constituents. The ILO team, therefore, endeavours to deliver solutions to deep-rooted labour market challenges while addressing emerging ones simultaneously. A specific item on the agenda was devoted to concepts and technics of agile management which allows organizations to respond to evolving problems quickly. How to afford necessary flexibility to work on unanticipated issues while delivering on a biennial budget and work plan was among the topics heatedly debated. Understanding team members and their strength and driving a team toward a common objective backed by sound strategies and a solid workplan to attain it – that was an element of agile management that the trainer emphasized.

Andreas Klemmer, Director of Training at ITCILO
On the second day, the ILO team explored available technologies that help improve our services to constituents and discussed adoption of some of them. Indeed, many online platforms and applications enable remote collaboration, boost productivity, enhance communication, while saving the cost and time. The team examined tools and discussed their application to service delivery. Among them, a live interpretation tool and an online project management platform attracted attention of the team. The participants also experienced a workshop in virtual reality. At today’s pace of technology advancement, ILO staff members, constituents, and partners might collaborate and make decisions in virtual space in the near future.