Training on Combating Forced Labour for State Labour Inspectors in Uzbekistan

On 26 and 27 September 2022, further to a request from the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of Uzbekistan, the ILO Bridge Project delivered a two-day training on combating forced labour for state labour inspectors, social partners and human right activists.

News | 28 September 2022
The training aimed to refresh knowledge of participants on forced labour, including relevant international standards and share international experience on combating forced labour.

During this event, almost 400 participants were informed on the main international (ILO and UN) standards on forced labour and connected phenomena; the ILO global forced labour estimates; detection and investigation of forced labour; good practices against forced labour in UK, Portugal and Brazil.

The participants found the training very useful and expressed their readiness to support Uzbekistan's success in eliminating the systematic use of child and forced labour in cotton harvesting and in other sectors of the economy.

The ILO Bridge Project, funded by the US Department of Labour, aims to effectively eliminate traditional and state-imposed forced labour systems and to significantly reduce contemporary forms of forced labour, which are often linked to human trafficking. One of the objectives of the project is to strengthen workers’ and employers’ organizations, improve their ability to tackle forced labour, in partnership with other interested parties.