New E-SIYB Tools are Introduced and Piloted in Georgia

More than fifty potential entrepreneurs from rural areas of Georgia, Kakheti, Guria and Samegrelo regions, developed business knowledge and skills through online Start and Improve your Business (SIYB) trainings from November to December 2021.

News | 18 March 2022
Tbilisi, Georgia - Pilot trainings were made available to potential entrepreneurs through translation into Georgian and adaptation of e-SIYB tools, modules Generate Your Business (GYB) and Start Your Business (SYB) modules. Online trainings were continued with follow-up and update consultations provided by the SIYB trainers from January to February 2022. During follow-up process the potential entrepreneurs were able to enhance their business plans and get applied advice. Some of the consultation topics included: determining the cost of product units, market research methods, details about state financial support programs, access to finances. Among others, participants identified following topics as most important from the trainings: ways to develop a Business Idea (5 Questions: What, Who, How, Which, What Impact), Marketing (Market Research, 7P), and how to structure a Business Plan.

“I think online SIYB trainings were quite fruitful.  Some participants lacked digital skills, but they still managed to actively engage in online activities. Post-training consultations were also fruitful, where we directly helped them to refine their business ideas. I am sure in case of an active PR campaign, a training program will become quite in demand and will help many people to start and develop a business.”-says Mr. Tornike Jobava, SIYB Trainer in Georgia.

“Within our project, almost 400 potential entrepreneurs have improved their knowledge and abilities to start a business in Georgia. The SIYB framework we developed in Georgia, certifying trainers, supplying and adapting training tools, and organising training sessions, including the facilitation of the new online teaching, aims to ground the future prospects of the programme, in the benefit of labour market and job creation.” (Cătălin Ţacu, CTA-Project manager).

Georgian E-SIYB tools and online SIYB trainings were provided in the framework of ILO-DK Project “Inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation in Georgia”, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.