ROSTRUD and ILO present the Training Manual “The PES and the Future of Work” for historical federal training plan for the employment services

On 28 May, the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in partnership with the Federal Service for Labour and Employment (ROSTRUD) organized a virtual presentation of its flagship publication “Public Employment Services and the Future of Work”, with the participation of 150 heads and managers of the regional employment centres from all over Russia.

News | 28 May 2021
Mr Denis Vasiliev, Deputy Head, Federal Service for Labour and Employment (ROSTRUD), highlighted the commitment of the Russian Federation to bring employment services up to a new level and pointed out that employment centres are being modernised as part of the national project "Demography". According to him, this year a large-scale retraining programme for employees, whose qualifications should correspond to the new tasks of the service, is to be launched. By the end of the year, over 4,000 people will have undergone retraining.

The Manual has been developed as part of the ILO technical assistance to the federal reform of the Public Employment Services implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation. The Manual highlights the role that the PES can play for improving national employment policies and programs, labour market institutions and for delivering quality services for more inclusive labour markets.

ROSTRUD has appreciated the Manual as a strategic document for designing and implementing a systematic training to their staff. According to Mr. Vasiliev “The manual has successfully incorporated all the latest trends and innovative practices for improving employment services”. He appreciated the fact that the Manual is based in the future of work report and the ILO centenary declaration by concluding that “we are now at the very centre of all the problems, basic solutions and strategies that are required to make employment services work effectively; and  PES - a reputable institution in the modern economy”.

Mikhail Pouchkin Deputy Director of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia stressed the important role played the public employment services and their staff in formulating and carrying out the response to coronavirus pandemic challenges. He said “the Public Employment Service has been one of the key institutions in the front line for mitigating the negative impacts on the labour market during the crisis periods and for supporting the dynamic economic development during economic recovery.”

In the concluding remarks, Mr. Ramiro Pizarro, Manager of the “Partnerships for youth employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States” project, spoke about the Manual as a tool to foster innovations on employment policies and programs, and invited to the participants to consider the different alternative usages that the Manual could have for their daily work. He said “it could be primarily considered as a useful learning tool for planning training, but it is also a practical tool for conducting institutional self-assessment and to evaluate the services according to well established international standards, to identify good practices developed by other employment agencies, and to find practical tips, advice and recommendations for the daily challenges that practitioners are facing for delivering quality employment services”.

The Manual has been developed by the project “Strategic partnerships for youth employment in the CIS”, a public -private partnership between the ILO and the Russian company LUKOIL, as a contribution to the sub-regional network for youth employment aiming to improve employment services and active labour market programs for youth.