ILO presents a new Project to assist Armenia in improving compliance and access to labour justice

On 31 March 2021, ILO Office for Eastern Europe and Central in Moscow organized a virtual meeting to present a new ILO Project being established in Armenia entitled “Helping Protect Armenians’ Rights Together”.

News | 31 March 2021
The project is funded by the US Department of Labour and aims to support Armenia’s efforts to improve compliance with labour law and increase access to judicial and non-judicial remedies.

The representatives of ILO constituents – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, the Health and Labour Inspection Body (HLIB) of the Republic of Armenia, and Inspection Bodies Coordination Bureau (IBCB) under the Prime Minister’s Office participated in the meeting.

In his opening statement Ruben Sargsyan, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, thanked the ILO for the initiative. “Today’s meeting is an important one, as protection of labour rights is one of the main points on our agenda. ... we highly value the assistance of the ILO in establishing non-judicial labour disputes resolution mechanisms,” he said.

Cristina Hansell, representative of the  US Embassy in Armenia, stressed the importance of identifying mining and services as target sectors of the project, highlighting that “the selected sectors should be the ones, where the country would be able to demonstrate success and use the lessons learned and best practices  scale up the project’s outreach and achievements.“

The social partners – employers’ and workers’ organizations - reconfirmed their commitment to constructively contributing towards the effective implementation of labour rights in Armenia according to ILO relevant conventions ratified by Armenia.

The project aims to assist the Government of the Republic of Armenia in its efforts to reform the labour sphere and in the realization of the decent work agenda, thereby contributing towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Armenia.