Rapid costing tool for COVID-19 response – a webinar for Kyrgyzstan

On 08 May, 2020, the second webinar entitled Rapid costing tool for COVID-19 response, was held in the framework of a series of webinars for technical experts of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD) and the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

News | 08 May 2020
The webinars are held upon their request for technical assistance to mitigate the impact of COVID19 crisis on workers (in the formal and informal economy), launched by the ILO DWT/CO Moscow in the end of April 2020.

15 participants, including heads of departments, technical staff of MLSD , representatives of Social Fund and the ILO took part in the webinar.
In addition to other topics of the agenda, Mr. Sergio Velasco, Social Security Economist, SOCPRO, ILO Geneva, presented Rapid Social Protection Calculator for COVID-19 (available in the Russian language upon request).

The purpose of this tool is to support countries that wish to make rapid adjustments to social protection systems in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Responses to the crisis require an adequate assessment of their impact on the costs of social protection programmes. In normal times, such assessments can be made well in advance and based on comprehensive information and sophisticated actuarial models. But the COVID-19 crisis is forcing many countries to make rapid assessments.

Mr. Velasco also showed the participants how to simulate particular social programme measures in the costing tool.

MLSD and Social Fund will use the tool for rapid costing of adjusted programmes focusing on protection of workers who, due to the COVID-related suspension of economic activity, are unable to earn their incomes. ILO will support MLSD to redesign eligibility criteria for unemployment benefits as a response to an impact of crisis and suggest options to strengthen unemployment insurance in a medium and long run.

The series of webinars will be continued.