Final knowledge-sharing event of the DW project in Bishkek

On 5 December 2019, the tripartite constituents of the Kyrgyz Republic hosted in Bishkek the final knowledge-sharing event of the project “From the Crisis towards Decent and Safe Jobs, Phase II” funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and implemented in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in 2014-2019.

News | 05 December 2019
The conference has gathered 45 representatives of the government, social partners, national experts, partner institutions from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan that have been closely involved in implementation of the project.

The conference was opened by Kamaldin Toktosartov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development who has thanked the ILO for the long-standing support in implementing the Decent Work agenda in Kyrgyzstan, timely and effective response to constituents’ needs and emerging priorities. He specifically mentioned the importance of the activities that gather tripartite constituents and partner institutions from two neighbouring countries and create a platform for the exchange of accumulated knowledge, expertise and experience.

The participants have stressed that the uniqueness of the Decent Work Project was in its multidisciplinary nature as in fact the project has covered most of the decent work priorities of the project countries: labour market statistics, safety and health at work and workplace compliance, promotion of formalization and enabling environment for enterprises, enhancing social protection, strengthening social partners’ organizations.
According to Valentin Mocanu, Senior Labour Inspection and OSH Specialist, the major focus has been made on providing policy advice to constituents on the most acute world of work issues and strengthening their institutional and technical capacity in the course of economic transformations and structural reforms that are underway in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Despite political, economic and institutional challenges, the constituents in the project countries have made significant progress in achieving the project objectives and accumulated a solid knowledge and experience in various world of work issues, and good practices and intervention models that worth to be analyzed, consolidated and shared between the two countries.

The constituents from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were the key speakers and actors at the conference. They have shared the most important results achieved in the countries, with support of the DW project, to name a few:
  • Improved national statistics system in Kyrgyzstan: development and application of a new methodology for calculating labour productivity; improvement of data collection and analysis in line with recommendations of the 19th ICLS; 
  • Diagnostics and policy advice on informality, which has led to the development and adoption of the new State Programme on reducing the level of informal employment for 2019-2023 and its Implementation plan for 2019-2023;
  • In both countries, Assessment-Based National Dialogues on Social Protection Floors have been implemented, with ABND final reports’ recommendations submitted to the Government. Based on these recommendations, further support was provided on maternity protection and actuarial pension system assessment in Kyrgyzstan and disability inclusion in Tajikistan.
A number of innovative and creative awareness-raising tools for the national campaigns on formalization “Come out of the shadow! Work formally!” were demonstrated during the conference: cartoons developed by the Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan and video-film of the mobile theatre performances produced with the support of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Tajikistan.

During the conference, the constituents have underlined the role of workers’ and employers’ organizations and tripartite social dialogue in promoting decent work agenda in the project countries and how it contributed to the effective implementation of the project.