Deputy Minister Grigory Lekarev: Russian Ministry of Labour Runs Active Awareness Campaign for HIV/AIDS Prevention at Work

Grigory Lekarev, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, made this statement at the 5th All-Russia Forum for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment practitioners.

News | 26 November 2019
He said that the Ministry of Labour is running a number of interventions to raise awareness of workers in Russia on HIV prevention issues in active cooperation with federal and regional authorities, social partners and international agencies as part of implementation of the programme for preventing AIDS/HIV infection, discrimination and stigmatization at work.

With support of the Ministry of Health and the International Labour Organization, the Ministry of Labour is holding training workshops, voluntary confidential HIV counseling and testing for workers at major companies and developing awareness and methodological tools on HIV/AIDS prevention.

“Workshops are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in organizing and implementing HIV/AIDS prevention programmes at work, with more than 2,000 people being trained, he said. In 2020-2021 it is planned to extend such training workshops to all regions of Russia”.

With a focus on raising awareness at work, the Ministry of Labour jointly with the Ministry of Health, International Labour Organization and regional AIDS Centres is running the Voluntary Confidential HIV Counseling and Testing for Workers initiative at major employers and as part of All-Russia conferences and events.

“Moreover, we are developing methodological guidelines for employers to organize and hold the Voluntary Confidential HIV Counseling and Testing for workers. These tools will be presented at the 2019 International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition, to be made available to all regions of Russia”, the Deputy Minister of Labour said.

According to Grigory Lekarev, this year the Ministry of Labour at the initiative of the Fund for Social and Cultural Initiatives will take part in organizing the Day of Joint Action on HIV at work for working youth scheduled for November 26.

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