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A centenary celebration 100 metres below sea level

Employment specialists from the International Labour Organization visit a mine in the Russian Federation to mark the Centenary of the organization and to promote decent work.

Новость | 22 Октябрь 2019 г.
KOMI REPUBLIC, RUSSIAN FEDERATION (ILO News) – The ILO Moscow office has taken the organization’s Centenary celebrations underground by visiting a mine in the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation, and going down 100 metres below sea level.

ILO Moscow Employment Team met several young people working in the mine.
“We want to show that decent work is an imperative, no matter the latitude, longitude, or depth. Here, in the industrial environment of the mine, the decent work agenda is in operation. It covers workers’ rights, occupational safety and working conditions, social dialogue, labour standards, employment and skills,” said Mikhail Pouchkin, Senior Employment Specialist of the ILO Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The visit followed a regional training organized for the Public Employment Service under an ILO public-private partnership project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS”. The project is implemented by ILO Moscow, with financial support from LUKOIL. It operates in ten countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and in selected regions of the Russian Federation, including the Republic of Komi.  

In the Commonwealth of Independent States, partnerships have proved to be a successful instrument for the promotion of youth employment and the development of innovative policies for a more inclusive and just labour market.