ILO Organizes a First-time International Certification Course on Labour Mediation in Georgia

The certification course helped to increase the recognition of certified conciliators and mediators and raise awareness on ILO standards and competencies.

News | 30 July 2019
Tbilisi (ILO News) – The five-day certification programme on collective labour disputes mediation was organized in the framework of the ILO project “Inclusive Labour Market for Job Creation in Georgia” to offer high-quality labour mediation skills to labour mediators within Georgia, ensuring that those roaster mediators are confident in using the international labour standards and best practices in the process of collective labour disputes.

The programme trained 17 labour mediators who had undergone through a rigorous assessment by 3 international trainers. The participants’’ performance was assessed by their interactivity, roleplay, submitting an individual work plan and written test.

Twelve participants completed the programme. The certification ceremony was organized at the National Training Center. Ms. Tamara Barkalaia, Deputy Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and Mr. Kinan Bahnassi, ILO Chief Technical Adviser of the project in Georgia, handed over the certificates to the mediators of collective labour disputes.

The course was attended by regsitered mediators and prospective mediators nominated by MoIDPLHSA, also representatives from Labour Conditions Inspecting  Department,  representative of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC) and Georgian Employers Association (GEA).

“The results of the programme went beyond building capacities on mediation. Participants exchanged ideas and challenges of collective labour disputes mediation within the Georgian context and identified practical opportunities to advance the labour dispute resolution system. What we hope from improving the competencies of the mediators is to contribute to stronger and effective labour relations in the country,” said Kinan Bahnassi, ILO Chief Technical Adviser of the project in Georgia.