Pension Systems and International Social Security Standards Discussed in Moscow

On 9 July 2019, ILO Moscow Office hosted a technical seminar on Pension Systems and International Social Security Standards.

News | 09 July 2019
Taking part were experts and officials of the Russian Pension Fund and specialists from ILO Moscow and ILO Headquarters in Geneva.

Arkady Solovyov, head of the Department of Actuarial Calculations and Strategic Planning, Pension Fund, made a presentation on Pension System in RF: prognosis for development.

Fabio Duran Valverde, Head of Public Finance, Actuarial and Statistic Unit, ILO Geneva, introduced the ILO's Multi-Pillar Pension Model.

Kroum Markov, Social Protection Policy and Legal Specialist, ILO Geneva, entitled his presentation "Social Security Standards for Old Age Income Security".

Presentations were followed by a technical discussion.