ILO Centenary

Round Table at the Russian State Library

On April 18, 2019 the Center for International Documents of the Department of Official and Regulatory Publications at the Russian State Library and the ILO Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia held a round table entitled “The International Labour Organisation: Global Center for Protection of Workers’ Rights”.

News | 18 April 2019
The event was held in commemoration of the ILO Centenary.

Ms. Kholoud Al-Khaldi, Deputy Director of the ILO Office, made a keynote speech to present the report “Work for a Brighter Future” by the Global Commission on the Future of Work established by the ILO.

The discussion involved researchers and experts such as O.V.Sokolov, Secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade unions of Russia,  K.D. Krylov, PhD in Law, professor, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Z.S. Bogatyrenko (“Voprosi Zakonodatelstva” magazine), N.S. Grigorieva, professor, chair of public administration at the Moscow State University, and others. They underlined the ILO’s major role as an authoritative international institution and the UN’s first specialised agency. The work performed by the ILO concerns everyone and covers a variety of aspects ranging from working hours and rights to a vacation and maternity leave to the fight against discrimination at work. The international labour standards developed by the ILO and related activities are designed to make human life decent and meaningful.

Since February 15, an anniversary thematic exhibition “International Labour Organisation: Global Center for Protection of Workers’ Rights” has been open at the Center for International Documents. Updated on a permanent basis, it will introduce users and visitors of the library to the ILO’s multi-faceted activities and its role in achieving the major goals of humanity and ensuring decent work and living to people in every corner of the globe.

The programme of the round table also featured the opening and presentation of the main sections of the exhibition describing the origins of the ILO, cooperation with the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, as well as its goals and objectives in the XXI century. The exhibition was presented by S.V. Martynyuk and G.V. Shandurenko, specialists of the Department of Official and Regulatory Publications.

The participants pointed out that the meeting’s importance was to draw attention to the ILO's activities and to introduce as many library users and visitors as possible to the documents and publications contained in the library’s collection. After all, it is those activities and documents that largely determine everyone’s life.