ILO Centenary

Perm Hosts the ILO Centenary and the Future of Work Conference

The ILO Centenary and the Future of Work International Conference involving international experts took place in Perm. The event was organised by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITUR), the International Labour Organization and the Perm Regional Trade Union Council.

News | 07 March 2019
The Work for a Brighter Future keynote report of the ILO Global Commission for the Future of Work was presented by Maria Helena Andre, ACTRAV Director (ILO Office for Workers’ Activities, Geneva, Switzerland). She discussed the global labour market trends, problems of demography and unemployment, work-related injuries, working poor, gender policies, social protection, migrant workers, forced labour, child labour etc. In her presentation, she made a focus on establishing the global social partnership at the level of governments, employers and trade unions.

“Labour is not a commodity tradable in the market at a minimum price; workers are persons who have their rights, needs and hopes”, Ms. Andre said. “Trade unions are there to protect these rights, forecast and minimize risks through an efficient social dialogue”.

The conference was attended by Alexei Zharkov, FITUR Secretary, Sergei Buldashov, Chairman of the Perm Regional Trade Union Council, Vladimir Kosovich, Deputy Chairman of the All-Russia Trade Union of Oil, Gas and Construction Workers, Goсha Alexandria, ILO Specialist in Workers’ Activities of the ILO Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Tatiana Razumova, Head of the Labour and Personnel Economics Faculty at the Moscow State University.

The second part of the conference featured a presentation by Kanae Tada, Technical Officer of the ILO Moscow Project “Partnership for Youth Employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States”.

The ILO delegation headed by Maria Helena Andre (centre) visited LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez, Russia’s largest oil processing plant. Sergei Andronov, General Director of the plant, showed the production facilities and discussed the collective agreement effective at the company.
She stressed that government policies should make a focus on employment where youth is the principal strategic resource. In referring to the youth unemployment rate in the CIS, Kanae Tada briefly discussed a joint project between the ILO and the LUKOIL, the first and only private company in Russia involved since 2012 in implementing the ILO pilot youth employment project in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia.