Training for Employers’ Confederation in Azerbaijan

ILO engages with the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) of Azerbaijan (ASK) to support them in the implementation their strategic plan aimed on the improvement of the internal organization of the secretariat of the Confederation.

News | 08 March 2019
The support includes the in depth assessment of the secretariat of the organization, evaluation of internal processes and relations in the organization and the training on organizational change and strategic reorganization.

In past few years ASK recorded a significant growth in many aspects: membership, influence and impact, number and relevance of activities, etc. The positive as it is, the growth has brought about additional challenges to the ASK secretariat. For these reasons the improvement of secretariat and introduction of the modern practices is one of the strategic goals of ASK, as defined in their strategic plan.

The goal of the ILO intervention is to support ASK secretariat in achieving one of the objectives of the ASK strategic plan – to adjust its internal organization and practices so as to answer to the increased demand caused by the overall growth of the ASK.

It is expected that after the training the work of the secretariat that will be more efficient, more effective and more responsive to the organization’s needs. As a result the secretariat will be better suited to answer the needs of the members and of the organization as a whole.

The training was organized as part of the ILO/ACTEMP objective of supporting employers’ organizations in optimizing their organizational structures, governance and management practices.