Мethodology for measuring labour productivity: a roundtable in Bishkek

Together with the National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic, a round-table was conducted in Bishkek to discuss the methodology for measuring labour productivity and development of additional SDG 8 indicators on Decent Work.

News | 14 December 2018
Taking part in the roundtable were representatives from Natsstatkom, Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policy, Social Fund.

The experts reviewed first results of measuring labour costs for calculating labour productivity in the Kyrgyz Republic (calculations were made for the year 2016). Next year Natsstatkom intends to conduct experimental calculations, and to conduct calculations on a regular basis from the year 2020.

Also, on the example of the Russian Federation, the participants discussed additional indicators on Decent Work within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal 8, with regard to their possible use for Kyrgyzstan. These discussions will be continued at the Methodological Council of Natsstatkom.

The intervention was carried out within the framework of the ILO project «From the Crisis towards Decent and Safe Work», with the support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.