ILO Mission Visits Komi Republic to Discuss Partnerships for Youth Employment and Work Based Learning

On 11-12 October 2018, the ILO mission made a first visit to Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, one of the new target regions within the ILO project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS”, public-private partnership between ILO and Lukoil.

News | 12 October 2018
The The Minister of Labour of the Komi Republic, Ilya Semyashkin, has been an active participant in the regional preparatory meetings of the project’s second phase (2018-2022) where he had the opportunity to discuss and promote innovative approaches to facilitate youth transition from the school to work. He requested ILO support to strengthen local partnerships improving skills and employability of young people. Different experiences of work-based learning at the regional and district levels were presented. The common feature of these experiences is the cooperation between the employment services, vocational and education centres, universities and private enterprises, the latter being committed to provide to young job-seekers a first work experience, expand the opportunities of work based learning programmes, share enterprise facilities for educational institutions and engage actively on vocational guidance initiatives.

The regional round table was chaired by Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Chair of the State Council of the Komi Republic, as well as by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labour. The meeting gathered a wide range of local partners, including parliament representatives, educational authorities, high-level officials from the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of economy, social partners, the youth parliament, civil society organizations and private companies. All the participants presented their experiences on expanding work based learning modalities and job opportunities for students and young job-seekers. They shared views on how to continuously reduce gaps between the formal and vocational education and regional economic development priorities and future labour market needs.

At district level, the enterprise Mondi operating in the pulp and paper industry, which employs about 5000 workers, hosted a meeting with local stakeholders, allowing the ILO mission to discuss good practices on the cooperation between the enterprise, educational institutions and the public employment service, through a value chain for development approach.

The Komi Republic has recognised vocational guidance at early stage as another leading initiative. The ILO delegation visited the public techno park (“Kvantorium”) for children between 10 and 14, which serves as a center for early career guidance and additional education in technical areas like IT, robotics, bio, aero, auto and others, totally nine areas. It gives a unique opportunity to children to get acquainted with the professions of the future and start building their skills in scientific and technical areas. Kvantoriom is part of a large Russian Federation initiative aiming to have more than 50 regional centers by the end of 2018.

The Komi Republic has a critical challenge on labour migration: internally from north to south and from Komi to other Russian regions. The mission visited the employment center of Syktyvkar in order to make quick first assessment on the services and programmes for disadvantaged groups and labour mobility, especially focusing on youth, elderly groups, women with children and people with disabilities. The PES requires modernization to fit for the changing nature of work and clients requests and to contribute to the economic diversification. The PES is constantly challenged by the changes in the workforce as a result of the technical innovations in the main local industries, such as oil and gas, coal extraction and wood processing. The ILO will provide support to meet these challenges by training of PES staff, piloting active labour market programmes targeting young people (e.g. youth guarantee scheme), establishing youth employment partnerships and intensifying knowledge-sharing activities with other Russian regions and beyond.

The ILO Moscow was represented by Mikhail Pouchkin, Sr. Employment Specialist, Ramiro Pizarro, Project Manager and Julia Surina, Youth Employment Technical Officer, who presented the project, held consultations with key stakeholders on regional priorities and discussed the follow up actions.