Developing Winter Tourism in Kyrgyzstan to Create More and Better Jobs

An ILO mission to conduct a SECO-funded assessment of prospects for winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan took place in Kyrgyzstan on 29 May – 9 June, 2017. SECO, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, is the Swiss federal government`s centre of excellence for all core issues relating to economic and labour market policy. The Market systems development for decent work – ‘the Lab’ – is a 3.5- year programme funded by SECO and based in the Small and Medium Enterprises unit (SME Unit) of the ILO Enterprises Department.

News | 09 June 2017
SECO has commissioned the Lab project to undertake a feasibility study and develop a proposal for a future project. Using a market systems approach, the aim of this project will be to promote inclusive and sustainable growth of winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan, with the ultimate objective of creating more and better jobs.

Daniela Martinez, Technical Officer of the Lab project at the ILO’s SME Unit, and Urs Wagenseil, Professor and Head of Tourism at Lucerne University, and two national consultants, Kuban Ashyrkulov and Daniel Marat, started working on the assignment on 17 April and are expected to complete it by 7 July 2017.