Tajikistan: Orientation Training Workshop on Forced Labour, Modern Slavery, Child Trafficking and Child Labour

On 30 March 2017, a one-day orientation-training workshop for national partners on forced labour, modern slavery, child trafficking and child labour was organized in Tajikistan.

News | 30 March 2017
The workshop brought together 43 participants who discussed their respective responsibilities in combatting child trafficking, child labour, forced labour and modern slavery. The participants represented the ministries of labour, employment and migrations, education and science, finance, agriculture. Representatives from the committees of sport and tourism, on women affairs as well as employers and workers organizations took an active part in the training. Officials of the German Embassy, OSCE and IOM shared their knowledge and experience.
The participants got familiarized with the terminology, learned how to communicate effectively across the country,  accelerate the pace towards achieving the SDG target 8.7 in Tajikistan, identify  partners’ places, and  empower partners to combat forced labour, child labour and human trafficking in accordance with their roles, responsibilities and level of influences. They also discussed how to increase awareness on SDG target 8.7,  provisions of ILO Forced Labour Protocol 2014 and promote the role of the global Alliance 8.7.

The orientation training will contribute to the implementation of national policies and programmes, including SDG action plans, National Developent Strategy for 2016-20306 National Programme of Combating Trafficking in Persons for 2016-2018, Social Protection Development Programme till 2020, and Decent Work Country Programme in Tajjikistan for 2015-2017.