ILO anniversary posters on Bishkek’s main street

In July the ILO anniversary posters appeared on Chui Prospect, the central street of the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, where all key government offices are located. Chui Prospect is also a popular promenade for both residents and visitors of the city. Thousands of people can now see these colourful posters every day.

News | 01 July 2009
For posters we used images of Kyrgyz workers, which made the anniversary posters even more attention attractive.

This initiative is also a good example of the UN inter-agency collaboration at the country level, in particular within the UN Communication Group, that unanimously supported placement of the ILO anniversary posters in front of the UN House on Chui Prospect.

Now the ILO90 posters are displayed there, raising the visibility of the ILO in Kyrgyzstan.