Uzbekistan to spend over 6bn dollars on social projects in 2011

The Uzbek state budget spending for 2011 will stand at 17 trillion soms (over 10.4bn dollars), 60 per cent of which or 10 trillion soms (over 6.1bn dollars) is to be channelled to support the social sphere. Uzbek First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Rustam Azimov has said this at a session of the Uzbek parliament's upper house.

News | 03 December 2010

"Particularly, 5.9 trillion soms (over 3.6bn dollars) will be channelled to education and 2.2 trillion soms (over 1.3bn dollars) to healthcare, which is 1.3 trillion soms (795m dollars) more compared with the figure in 2010," Azimov said.

The budget forecasts GDP growth by 8.3 per cent in the next year; the growth in industry is expected to be 9.3 per cent, in agriculture 5.8 per cent, in retail sales 15.4 per cent, in providing payable services for the public 16.1 per cent, A! zimov said. "Exports are forecast to increase by 10.3 per cent. The tax burden for the all strata of society will be reduced from 12 per cent to 11, which is the lowest figure in CIS countries. The budget also envisages an increase in wages," the first deputy prime minister said.

After considering the issue, senators approved the country's state budget for 2011, the press service of the Uzbek parliament's upper house said.

Source: Regnum news agency