Tajik remittances from Russia top 700m dollars in second quarter of 2011

In the second quarter of 2011 alone, 742m dollars was sent through money transfer from Russia to Tajikistan, the Central Bank of Russia has announced.

News | 11 October 2011

According to information from the Central Bank of Russia, the average sum of the remittances to Tajikistan over this period was 366 dollars.

Among the CIS countries, Tajikistan takes second place in terms of money transfer, and Uzbekistan is in the lead in this area as 1,067m dollars was sent there from Russia in the second quarter of this year.

Ukraine takes third place in terms of money transfer from Russia over this period (603m dollars), followed by Kyrgyzstan (400m dollars), Armenia (298m dollars), Moldova (271m dollars), Azerbaijan (257m dollars), Kazakhstan (91m dollars), Belarus (37m dollars) and Turkmenistan (9m dollars).

438m dollars was transferred from Russia to Tajikistan in the first quarter of 2011

Source: Asia-Plus news agency website, Dushanbe, in Russian 11 Oct