Judges go training

On September 24-25, fifteen judges from different court instances gathered in Kvareli, eastern Georgia. They took a break from their important work to undergo training focusing on international labour standards and Georgia’s Labour Code.

News | 25 September 2014
The training took place within the framework of the ILO project “Improved compliance with labour laws in Georgia” financed by the U.S. Department of Labour.

The training organized in cooperation with the High School of Justice of Georgia was moderated by Xavier Beaudonnet from the ILO Geneva International Labour Standards Department, Zakaria Shvelidze, National Expert, and Teimuraz Todria, Justice from the Supreme Court of Georgia.

It is hardly possible to overestimate importance of this course for judges’ practical activity. Judiciary is a key partner in the implementation of international labour standards and working with the ILO is beneficial for judiciary. A judge needs to have good command of international instruments to be able to implement the labour law.

Georgian judiciary’s increasing interest in international labour standards is explained by adoption of amendments to the country’s Labour Code. As a result, it is important to see what difficulties in applying these new provisions emerge and how international sources can help judges to solve these difficulties.

Judges analyzed sources of the international labour law and how they can use these sources in Georgia to better solve such legal issues as termination of employment and prohibition of discrimination, including discrimination on the grounds of trade union activity.

Among issues that should be addressed more specifically judges named mediation, conventions and ratified standards.

To measure the quality and efficiency of the training organizers requested judges to fill in the pre-training and post-training evaluation questionnaires that will be used as a feedback for future trainings.