ILO launches comprehensive training programme on resolution of labour disputes

On April 25, the ILO launched a comprehensive eleven-day training programme to develop a roster of professional labour mediators to assist employers and workers to prevent and solve collective labour disputes.

News | 25 April 2014

This training program will help Georgian employers and trade unions to find common grounds and balance their respective economic and social interests, thus bringing benefits to the whole country.

This activity is the result of close cooperation between the ILO and its Georgian partners - the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, the Georgian Employers’ Association and the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation.

Funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United States Department of Labor, the programme will train 15 labour mediators, thus contributing to the effective implementation of the mediation procedure introduced in the Labour Code amendments adopted by the Parliament in June 2013.

Under the Labour Code, at any stage of a collective labour dispute involving at least 20 employees, a concerned party, an employer, trade union or a group of non-unionized employees, can request the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs to designate a mediator. The minister can also appoint a mediator on his own. To allow mediation to take place in a more conducive atmosphere, the right to strike or lockout cannot be exercised within 21 days following the employer’s or workers’ request for the nomination of a mediator or an ex officio appointment by the labour minister.

The ILO expresses confidence that Georgia will successfully implement this new tool that will promote cooperative labour-management relations and serve as a best practice example of the use of an alternate mode to resolve labour disputes.