Social Protection Response to impact of COVID -19 crisis in the Subregion

WEBINAR 1 : "Social Protection Response to impact of COVID -19 crisis”

Organized by the ILO DWT/CO Moscow
22 May 2020
Friday 12:00 Moscow time

With the outbreak of the global COVID -19 pandemic countries worldwide are faced with a major public health challenge with significant social, labour market and economic impacts. Governments are facing a double challenge: containing the health pandemic while responding to its economic and social effects.

Recognizing that social protection measures are a necessary part of crisis response, so far a total of 168 countries have introduced, adapted or expanded social protection programmes in response to COVID-19 ( ILO Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 Crisis Around the World).  Special allowances,  protection of jobs and incomes, protection in case of unemployment and support for housing are measures most often introduced. . New or increased social transfers to low-income families, and sometimes to all residents, have also been widely adopted, followed by adjustments to pensions, sickness leave or benefits, family benefits, labour market measures, housing subsidies, food allocation and benefits for parents of children.

As part of its policy response assistance to the countries in the subregion, a series of webinars on social protection response to COVID-19 are being organized.

Webinar 1 is focused on overview of responses, presentation of COVID-19 response rapid calculator and peer to peer exchange.
  •  Ms. Jasmina PAPA, Social Protection Specialist, ILO DWT/CO-Moscow
  •  Mr. Sergio VELASCO, Social Security Economist, SOCPRO, ILO Geneva will provide overview of ILO’s analytical work on  social protection COVID -19 response and tools available
  • Ms. Valeria NESTERENKO, Data Officer on Social Protection, SOC/PFACTS, ILO Geneva will present Social Protection COVID Monitor
  • Constituents from selected countries will share their experience and challenges ahead
Moderator:  Ms. Jasmina PAPA, Social Protection Specialist, ILO DWT/CO-Moscow

Webinar will be conducted in Russian and English languages.