Resources: Uzbekistan

  1. Training for civil society activists involved in independent monitoring of the 2023 cotton harvest in Uzbekistan

    07 September 2023

    On 4-6 September 2023, the International Labour Organization (ILO) delivered a 3-day training for civil society activists engaged in independent monitoring of 2023 cotton harvest.

  2. Identifying and investigating forced labour cases: a training for state labour inspectors in Uzbekistan

    24 August 2023

    On 23 and 24 August 2023, further to a request from the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the ILO Integrated Programme on Cotton, Textile and Apparel sector delivered a two-day online training on identifying and investigating forced labour cases for state labour inspectors.

  3. Project “Transition from Informal to Formal Employment”, Uzbekistan

    10 July 2023

    Project implementation period: 1 October 2021 – 31 May 2023. A new module added to the Labour Force Survey (LFS) questionnaire enabling to measure informal employment in Uzbekistan. Institute has been conducting the Labour force survey, under which a new module was added and piloted in the country – the module on measurement of informal employment. Seven key questions have been added into the LFS enabling not only to analyse informal employment and its regional peculiarities, but also develop recommendations for the Strategy for reduction of the share of informal employment and transition to formality.

  4. Project “Transition from Informal to Formal Employment”, Uzbekistan

    06 July 2023

    Project implementation period: 1 October 2021 – 31 May 2023. The video-reel captures key achievements of the project, namely: (i) capacity building activities for workers’ organizations; (ii) gender-responsive diagnostics and focus-group discussions with informal workers; (iii) measurement of informal employment and application of international labour statistics standards; (iv) extension of social protection schemes to informal workers; (v) information campaign conducted by trade unions with a focus on informality.

  5. Newsletter #2 - June 2023

    15 June 2023

  6. Uzbekistan ratifies the Working Environment (Air Pollution, Noise and Vibration) Convention, 1977 (No. 148)

    12 June 2023

  7. Statement by ILO, UNICEF and the World Bank welcoming the establishment of a Social Protection Agency

    01 June 2023

  8. Uzbekistan: Unions advise informal workers on construction sites

    27 May 2023

    From May 23 to May 26, 2023, sectoral trade unions of Uzbekistan organized visits to construction sites in Tashkent and held "consultation tables" for informal workers.

  9. ILO constituents to address root causes of gender inequality and discrimination in Uzbekistan

    23 May 2023

    Proposals call for measures to ensure decent work opportunities and social protection for women and men, including the groups in situations of vulnerability.

  10. Agenda of the Conference

    23 May 2023