Resources: Kyrgyzstan

  1. Assessing the Business Environment for Women's Enterpreneurship Development in the Kyrgyz Republic.

    28 April 2009

    Working Paper No. 3, ILO, Moscow, 2009

  2. Bishkek hosts conference devoted to World Day for Social Justice

    18 February 2009

  3. PROJECT BRIEF: Boosting Youth Employment and Development of Integrated Youth Employment Strategies for Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan, ILO Moscow, 2009

    31 January 2009

  4. Sub-regional Training “HIV/AIDS and the world of work” for constituents’ focal points

    23 October 2008

  5. Know About Business workshop in Bishkek

    01 October 2008

    A 10 day national train-the-trainers workshop for (KAB) programme is being held at the premises of Vocational College No.44 in Bishkek. The workshop has been organized with the support of the International Labour Organization, KABAR News Agency was informed by the State Agency on Vocational Education’s press service.

  6. Kyrgyzstan: economic growth, employment and poverty reduction

    15 September 2008

    The present study on Kyrgyzstan provides an analysis of the linkage between economic growth, employment and poverty reduction and brings out the policy implications of that analysis for pursuing a strategy of employment intensive growth for poverty reduction.

  7. A contest of social projects to assist children in Kyrgyzstan

    13 August 2008

  8. Bishkek hosts 1st congress of Kyrgyz Confederation of Employers

    26 May 2008

  9. Work and Family: the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, ILO Moscow, 2008

    11 March 2008

  10. Working Children in Kyrgyzstan-Results of the 2007 Child Labour Survey. ILO, National Statistics Committee of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 2009

    10 October 2007