Resources: Kyrgyzstan

  1. Ombudsmen of Central Asia, Russia discuss legal protection for labor migrants at Dushanbe conference

    13 October 2012

  2. Kyrgyzstan trade union youth school

    20 July 2012

    The Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with the ILO Decent Work Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia organized a five-day youth summer school on July 16-20. The summer school brought together some thirty young people from different regions and sectors of Kyrgyzstan, student and workplace organisations leaders.

  3. Sixteen working children sent to vocational schools in Bishkek

    27 June 2012

  4. Report of the School-to-Work Transition Survey in Kirgyzstan

    09 April 2012

    Makiko Matsumoto/ Moscow: ILO, 2012

  5. Newsletter. ILO-IPEC in Kyrgyzstan. August-December 2011

    30 January 2012

    International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC) in Kyrgyzstan

  6. Tajik remittances from Russia top 700m dollars in second quarter of 2011

    11 October 2011

    In the second quarter of 2011 alone, 742m dollars was sent through money transfer from Russia to Tajikistan, the Central Bank of Russia has announced.

  7. PROJECT BRIEF: From the Crisis towards Decent and Safe Jobs

    15 September 2011

    Sustainable regionsl development for job generation and social justice in the framework of Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs)

  8. “Child labour free zones” to be created in northern Kyrgyzstan

    17 August 2011

    The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Kyrgyzstan under support of the ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC) launched the project on establishing “child labour free zones” in Moskovskiy and Ysykatinskiy districts of the Chuy region in northern Kyrgyzstan.

  9. Street campaign for World Day Against Child Labour in Kyrgyzstan

    10 June 2011

    On June 10, a street campaign entitled “Warning! Children in hazardous work - End child labour” devoted to the World Day Against Child Labour started in Kyrgyzstan under support of the ILO and the Republic’s Social Protection Ministry.

  10. Activities for the elimination of child labour in Kyrgyzstan 2005-2010

    30 January 2011