Resources: Kyrgyzstan

  1. Quota systems for employment of people with disabilities discussed in Kyrgyzstan

    24 September 2022

    On September 23, 2022, the capital city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, hosted a public discussion on “Quota systems for employment of people with disabilities: advantages, disadvantages and affirmative actions based on international experience”.

  2. Trade unions in transformation: Experiences from Europe and Central Asia

    31 August 2022

    The aim of this study is to look at seven cases of trade unions actions in Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan in the years immediately before and during the COVID-19 crisis to identify lessons that can be learned for trade union revitalization and recovery from the crisis. This paper looks at positive experiences and innovative examples in a complicated trade union environment where labour and trade union rights are under pressure.

  3. Newsletter #2 - June 2022

    14 July 2022

  4. The role of trade unions in Central Asia in mitigating the consequences of natural disasters and conflicts in the region

    10 July 2022

    Participants of the sub-regional trade union workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (7-9 July 2022) discussed how to promote peace, prevent crises, ensure recovery and build resilience, including emergencies, including those associated with the pandemic, through social dialogue and other means of collective action COVID-19.

  5. Trade unions look into reducing informality

    07 July 2022

    On July 5-6, 2022, a training workshop was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on workers' organizations and unionization of workers in the informal economy.

  6. Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan on social protection and informal employment

    30 June 2022

    On June 30, 2022, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a meeting of the Republican Tripartite Commission for the regulation of social and labour relations was held. During the meeting, the position of workers' organizations was presented on key indicators of the social protection and social security system, including ongoing measures to reform the pension system, issues of informal employment and the development of a National Strategy for the transition from the informal to the formal economy.

  7. Building trade unions capacity in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to recruit informally employed workers into their ranks

    26 May 2022

    More than 40 trade union representatives from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan convened to develop action strategy with a particular focus on the issue of protecting the rights and recruiting people informally employed in the economy into the ranks of trade unions.

  8. Enhancing disability - inclusiveness of social protection system in Kyrgyzstan

    19 May 2022

  9. Newsletter #1 -March 2022

    21 April 2022

  10. The role of workers' organizations in promoting reform of the social protection system in Kyrgyzstan

    31 March 2022

    On March 17-18, 2022 a two-day training workshop titled “Advocating for social protection system reforms by workers’ organizations in Kyrgyzstan” took place in Bishkek.