Resources: Kyrgyzstan

  1. ILO team for Eastern Europe and Central Asia: plans for the next biennium defined

    25 February 2023

    22-24 February 2023, TASHKENT – ILO conducted its programming meeting for the Decent Work Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia to discuss plans for 2023 and formulate strategy for 2024-2025. The team aimed to define a strategic vision for the office for the new biennium in the relevant technical areas considering the current challenges and opportunities.

  2. Sectoral Collective Agreements and Prevention of Informal Employment - a meeting of trade unions of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

    25 January 2023

    On January 24, 2023, a technical working meeting was held online to validate the results of the analysis of the collective agreements of the sectoral trade unions of the two countries. The analysis focused on preventing the transition of formal jobs to the informal economy and entering into formal labour relations.

  3. Newsletter #4 - December 2022

    29 December 2022

  4. Partners in the Kyrgyz Republic are trained in strategic planning for the development of the National Programme for the transition from the informal to the formal economy for the period 2023-2026

    16 December 2022

    On December 14-15, 2023, in Bishkek, more than 30 members of the interagency working group took part in a training seminar on strategic planning, during which they analyzed political and legal measures aimed at reducing the informal economy (employment) and preventing their spread in country.

  5. International Day of People with Disabilities Marked in Kyrgyzstan

    04 December 2022

    On December 3, 2022, the Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Bishkek hosted a public event to mark the International Day of People with Disabilities "Birge kotorgon juk jenil bolot- the burden of moving together is light".

  6. Social protection and employment services to increase inclusiveness of persons with disabilities – workshop in Kyrgyzstan

    26 November 2022

    On 23-25 November, 2022 Kyrgyzstan’s capital city of Bishkek hosted a workshop to jointly develop a concept of new social protection and employment services to increase the inclusiveness of persons with disabilities.

  7. National Programme on Transition from Informal to Formal Economy to Be Developed in Kyrgyzstan

    12 November 2022

    On 11 November 2022, the Ministry of economy of the Kyrgyz Republic convened in Bishkek a meeting of the inter-agency working group established to develop a National Strategy on Transition from Informal to Formal Economy for the period of 2023-2025.

  8. Newsletter #3 - October 2022

    10 October 2022

  9. Enhancing disability - inclusiveness of social protection system in Kyrgyzstan - Project brief

    30 September 2022

  10. Rapid legal review of Compliance by Kyrgyzstan with the ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention (No. 102)

    27 September 2022

    Over 40 participants representing the Government, employers’ and workers’ organizations, expert community participated in technical discussions in Bishkek titled: “Results of a rapid legal review for compliance of national legislation with the ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, No. 102”.