Development of green information services

Development of green information services for members of the Employers' Confederation of the Philippines

A consultant was commissioned to assist ECOP in developing and establishing the Green Information Service (eventually called the Green Industry Portal or GIP), to carry out its role in the promotion of Green Job, Greening of Businesses, Workplaces and Sustainable Enterprises, and in line with the current support of the ILO through ACTEMP for developing further their organizational capacity and provide enhanced services to their members.

The objectives of the study are the following: (a) to assess and define the organizational strengths and opportunities that ECOP can take advantage of in establishing Green Information Services for its members; (b) to guide ECOP in developing the GIS concept, organizing relevant green information content for use by its members, and establishing internal procedures and basic capacity to sustain it; and (c) to develop website for the Green Information Service and have this uploaded online.