Strengthening labour standards in selected developing countries

Strengthening the role of labour standards in selected DMCs: Child labour in the Philippines

Consistent with its mandate, the ILO has taken an active and leading role on child labour issues. In the light of its own mandate to reduce poverty and promote development, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) can also make a significant contribution to the effort. Hence, the two institutions agreed recently to undertake joint activities to improve labour standards in selected developing member countries in Asia (DMCs) in the areas of child labour, gender discrimination in employment and occupational safety and health.

In the area of child labour, the specific objectives of the ILO/ADB Technical Assistance Project are to:

(a) increase awareness of key policy makers in the DMCs, non-government organizations and the private sector regarding the economic and social implications of the non-implementation of labour standards;

(b) improve the capacity of policy makers in DMCs and ADB staff to prepare and implement projects that would move children from the worst forms of employment and to school; and

(c) enable ADB staff at headquarters and country levels to address the issues of poverty reduction and child labour issues by strengthening the implementation of labour standards in ADB-assisted development interventions.