Child labour among indigenous peoples

Child labour among indigenous peoples: The case of a Manobo tribe in Bukidnon province

The study focuses on child labour in an indigenous community in the province of Bukidnon: the Manobo community in Purok 7, Botong, Quezon.

The main objective of the study is to examine the nature of the labour force participation of Manobo children in the formal and/or informal sector of the economy.

Specifically, it aims to: (a) describe the various cases of child labour among the Manobos; (b) understand how child labour is defined among the Manobos; (c) determine the type of work and the work conditions of the children, and the characteristics and circumstances of the child workers' families and community; (d) describe the children's work environment, the problems that they encounter including the hazards posed by their specific work, the relationships that they have with adult people in the workplace; and (e) explore the children's and parents' level of knowledge regarding the legislated rights of children.