Communal vegetable production and skills training

Homegrown solution: Communal vegetable production and skills training on support infrastructure maintenance in Sto Rosario, Bohol

Working with the ILO, 79 Sto Rosario Farmer's Association members (43 women and 36 men) established and managed a one-hectare communal garden, and planted cash crops with short gestation periods (tomatoes, eggplants and string beans) to secure their families’ food and income sufficiency. The Municipal Agriculturist Office (MAO) provided technical and material inputs.

All workers were given at least minimum wages, one-year accident insurance, three months’ contribution to PhilHealth, three months’ contribution to Social Security System and personal protective equipment (PPE). In the course of the sub-project, they also received training in contour farming and road maintenance, expanding their skill-set for future employment.