Local economic development and youth employment

Local economic development and youth employment in the Philippines: The case of Angono

This study is a response to assist policy makers, especially those operating within local government units who interact most often with young people needing work, in analyzing the real situation of the youth today in their locality: their needs, aspirations and constraints so that officials and social workers can target and prioritize particular youth groups in greatest need, better address the problems they face and craft value-for-money solutions, measures, and/or youth investment options.

Angono is a first class municipality situated in Rizal Province on the shores of Laguna de Bay and close to Metro Manila. With 62 per cent of its population under 30 years of age, youth unemployment is a major concern. In developing its own strategy for local economic development, the municipal government has sought to capitalize on this innate talent by building Angono both as a centre for tourism as well as for culture.