Decent and productive work for youth

Towards a national policy and action agenda for decent and productive work for youth in the Philippines

The authors of this study set out three main objectives for this paper: (i) to formulate a framework that will be an aid to assessing policies and programmes addressing the youth labour market especially in terms of the issues of unemployment and underemployment; (ii) to assess current programmes and policies; and (iii) to recommend key proposals for developing a multi-sector- supported national policy action agenda for the youth.

In the first part of the study, the authors begin by outlining their framework in terms of supply, demand, institutional and external factors and then, by analyzing the youth labour market in terms of these factors, proceed to a discussion of the source of labour demand and current trends within the economy and labour force. From this, they focus specifically on youth employment with an analysis of conditions by industry and occupation, class of worker, and the problems of underemployment and unemployment in each sector/segment.

In the second part of the study current government and donor programmes are assessed and evaluated in some detail before, in the final part looking at specific areas of intervention required and with specific recommendations and action agenda.

This study will be of use to all those involved in delivering youth-related employment services in both government and in the donor agencies.