Youth employment

Operations guide: Managing an ILO-CIDA youth employment country project: Philippines

This study provides a guide to the actual manner in which the project was undertaken. Principles of project planning are discussed in some detail along with the application of result-based management (RBM) and logical frame (logframe) analysis, used to identify and organize the results.

From planning, the author moves to a discussion of project programming, project budgeting, and project monitoring. The study concludes with an analysis of the lessons learned and level of success. Noting that another paper in the series provides an independent evaluation report, the author adds two additional aspects: the need for all stakeholders to sit together and engage in meaningful dialogue as well as the need for strong and coordinated teamwork by the project implementers.

A set of appendices to this study provides a complete set of working documents and references which will be of interest to those undertaking future projects of a similar nature as well as others seeking more general information on the issues surrounding the problem of high youth unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines.